Lasali Dream Shop - New Presto 01781 Pressure Canner Cooker (23 Quart)
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New Presto 01781 Pressure Canner Cooker (23 Quart)
$ 224.00

New Presto 01781 Pressure Canner Cooker (23 Quart) 

Did you know that cooking can be up to 70% faster with a pressure cooker? With this brand new Presto 01781 Pressure Canner Cooker, you can make all your favorite dishes without losing any flavor or nutrients. With a built-in pressure monitoring system and 100% airtight sealing, this is a great addition to any kitchen.

New Presto 01781 Pressure Canner Cooker Features: 

  • One simple step - dips food in boiling water or broth - then locks it in the canner.

  • This pressure cooker will measure the exact pressure inside.

  • Doubles as an air cooker which is great for meals that need three hours or less to cook them

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